Reseda definition, reseda meaning



  1. a plant with small grayish green flowers.
  2. (colour) a greyish-green colour.
    reseda colour:    

6 letters in word "reseda": A D E E R S.

Anagrams of reseda:

Words found within reseda:

ad ads ae aedes ar ard ards are ared arede ares ars arse arsed as da dae daes dare dares das de dear deare dears dee deer deers dees dere deres dree drees ea ear eard eards eared ears eas ease eased ed eds ee er era eras erase ere ered eres ers es rad rade rads ras rase rased re read reads red rede redes reds ree reed reeds rees res sad sade sae sar sard sared saree sea sear seare sed seder see seed seer ser sera sere sered

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